During the first week of June 2010, I moved from Lawrence, KS. to Petoskey, MI.   I have spent the last few months getting acclimated to this small touristy Northern Michigan town of Petoskey.  I did this by riding a bicycle around town, as my main means of transportation.  While doing this I have become exposed to the steep hills that comprise Mitchell Street, which is one of Petoskey’s main drives.  Every day, twice a day for the past several weeks I have challenged these strenuous obstacles in order to carry-out my daily agenda.  At the beginning and ending of each passing day I struggled just to live. 

At the half way point of each trip, is the summit point of the journey.   There is a church at this site that hosts a flock of huge black crows that stalk the scene while perched upon a massive white crucifix that is mounted upon the church’s gigantic steeple.   From this heavenly plateau, I have watched most of the sunrises and sunsets of the past summer from this viewpoint.   While doing this, I sit in a garden with a majestic flowing stone water fountain.

I now use this place as a spiritual haven to practice mindfulness and appreciation on most of my days.  I always have the reassurance that when I leave this place after my fifteen minute break that everything is “downhill”.  I am constantly aware that only through struggle and sacrifice, comes a true appreciation of love.  I get to reaffirm my faith in the belief that everything will be all right as long as give my maximum effort into virtuous endeavors.