For me I have really tuned out most television ads.  The only time I really watch television is for sporting events, and with that I usually doing stuff as the game is going on in the back ground.  Most of the advertisements that I pay attention to anymore are on-line.  I watch shows on HULU and The Colbert Nation so that really limits commercial exposure.  The one that I go out of my way to pay special attention to are usually for mens magazines.  The pictures of beautiful women on them captivate my attention.  I just read about a study that found men who stare a clevage for more than 10 minutes a day increase their life expectancy.  By doing this it increases their heart rate and stimulates blood flow.  So now starring at beautiful women in ads for a few minutes a day is a health issue of life and death.  I will gladly follow doctors orders on this health tip.  Keep the ads coming.