The Frontline documentary reverberated alot of the same sentiement I have towards digital-cyber nerds.  Most of these types of people have anti-social tendencies.  They are people you do not have good social intuition.  They are usually shy and awkward around groups, ecspecially in setting outside of their comfort zones.   I think these people eventually avoid all circumstances that require face to face communication.  I think that it is sad, these people are so insecure and lonely they spend their real lives in fantasy land trying to connect with anybody on some level.  As with any new advancement in technology their is a capacity to abuse the intended purpose.  People judgement of technology, if it is “good or bad” come from what it is that they want to see.  Mainly people are motivated by fear and focus their thoughts on negative situations and out comes.  That is no way to live, picking out flaws and not appreciating what is good.