the end

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The horn was blairing non-stop, the ambulance sirens began growing silent.  The car started to roll backwards, the millions pieces of shattered glass restructured themselves back into the windshield.  The massive amounts of blood gushed back into the lifeless bodies as they gasped their final breaths back into their lungs.Their bodies were made whole again.  The ultimate moments of terror were stricken from their minds.  It is at this moment they realize how precious life truly is.


Mundane Monday

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I awoke to a dim light and then it ripped from my bed.  It’s another starshaped world I had left behind. Now that I have thought it over. It was just another lonely night; it’s not so bad. I am looking forward to living this life I live; I get to start it over.


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Sup cuz? what U up2 2nite? goin 2b@2pacs workin da nu album. fo shizzzle Wordup

The Writing Experience

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Mainly when I write something it is in my personal journal.  I try to write something daily, but that is not usually the case, so I am content with an entry every few days.  I start every entry with “Today I realized…”.  I think that it important to be reflective on what is going on in the “present”.  I find that journaling is very therapuetic and allows be to purge my mind of obsessive thoughts.  After I journal, I feel that I better understand myself and that I can better convey, what I am feeling and thinking to those around me.

The Top of the Hill

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During the first week of June 2010, I moved from Lawrence, KS. to Petoskey, MI.   I have spent the last few months getting acclimated to this small touristy Northern Michigan town of Petoskey.  I did this by riding a bicycle around town, as my main means of transportation.  While doing this I have become exposed to the steep hills that comprise Mitchell Street, which is one of Petoskey’s main drives.  Every day, twice a day for the past several weeks I have challenged these strenuous obstacles in order to carry-out my daily agenda.  At the beginning and ending of each passing day I struggled just to live. 

At the half way point of each trip, is the summit point of the journey.   There is a church at this site that hosts a flock of huge black crows that stalk the scene while perched upon a massive white crucifix that is mounted upon the church’s gigantic steeple.   From this heavenly plateau, I have watched most of the sunrises and sunsets of the past summer from this viewpoint.   While doing this, I sit in a garden with a majestic flowing stone water fountain.

I now use this place as a spiritual haven to practice mindfulness and appreciation on most of my days.  I always have the reassurance that when I leave this place after my fifteen minute break that everything is “downhill”.  I am constantly aware that only through struggle and sacrifice, comes a true appreciation of love.  I get to reaffirm my faith in the belief that everything will be all right as long as give my maximum effort into virtuous endeavors.


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Now that summer is coming to an end, what was your favorite part of it?

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