I think gradually over time as more Americans achieve a college education our culture will recognize the flaws of our current sytem.   In America we still subscribe to the education sytem of an agricultural era.  Off in the summers to work the harvest and schooling in the winter months.  Since practically no one works a farm anymore, we rationalize summer breaks of as a time to rest the mind.  Studies of achievement standards tests are debunking this notion of needed rest.  When students return to school in the fall and are tested on core subjects of reading comprehension, writing and math they test out horribly.  Escpecially among lower income students that really have limited access to resources that stimulate their minds such as summer camps, museums or education field trips, things higher income students have access to pushed by parents that value education.  When the same group of students are tested at the end of the year the lower income students actually test better.  So this notion of summer vacation of vegging out does way more harm than good.  Constantly stimulating the mind will be seen as the new norm of educational practices.